La Sosta della Tartaruga:
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Discover the wonders of Genoa with us
La Sosta della Tartaruga:
slow pace stay
A house with all the charm of the last century
La Sosta della Tartaruga:
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With attention to period details
La Sosta della Tartaruga:
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A secret garden
La Sosta della Tartaruga:
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One step away from the sea
La Sosta della Tartaruga:
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One step away from the center
La Sosta della Tartaruga:
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Our super staff

Beyond the B&B


We wanted to create a carefully curated property, where you can find the atmosphere of an old mansion from the late 1800s, but with all the comforts of a modern home.

Enjoy some self-care time, get to know Genoa, or stop on a business trip in this beautiful, spacious and elegant building; you will be welcomed by our fully-trained and attentive staff.

An enchanting place in the heart of the city, just a short walk from the breathtaking lookout of Spianata Castelletto and the wonders of the old town.

La Sosta consists of two different facilities: Il Giardino della Tartaruga, equipped with four rooms (including one with a self-catering kitchen) with breakfast included; and La Tana della Tartaruga, a fully-equipped apartment for an independent vacation.

Our concept


Based on a project capable of enhancing the concept of accessible and responsible tourism, we offer solutions that address the needs of visitors who require special care and personalized service.

Aimed at those who choose a different lifestyle, question the sustainability of what they buy, and when they travel, are careful to choose facilities and services that give back to the area.

The desire to share life experiences is our common thread: knowledge is integration and inclusion.

We have given our rooms the names of the gates of the ancient walls of Genoa because we feel a strong connection to our city, which is also evident from the traditions we incorporate into our concept, from the focaccia at breakfast to the Genoese floors.


Catering to the specific needs of each guests

A warm welcome to families: special rates have been designed for families (up to 5 people) sharing the same room. Try entering the dates and family members with the age of the children and you will immediately see our offers.

Practical care for those who have special requirements. The breakfast, served in the lounge or the garden (weather permitting), with a wide choice of beverages and food is also offered gluten-free. We are part of the “eat-out” network of the Italian National Celiac Association (AIC). La Tana della Tartaruga apartment is also fully accessible to people with mobility impairments.

Freedom to arrive whenever you like. The front desk operates from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm, but you can access the property independently at any time through a simple self check-in system.

Attention to detail

A fast internet connection is guaranteed throughout the property. All rooms and common areas are equipped with strong Wi-Fi, and some are particularly suitable for remote working.

All rooms are equipped with all amenities including a TV, air conditioner, safe, and mini fridge.

Daily service: we are at the property every morning to meet our guests and welcome them warmly. Breakfast and room cleaning service are our strong points.

It’s not a marketing choice but a belief rooted in our DNA.

We are a social cooperative

We aim to fit fully into the landscape of accessible, sustainable and inclusive tourism because we want:


mostly young adults with cognitive disabilities, to work in a diverse, inclusive and organized environment, demonstrating that everyone can play an active role in our society

all our GUESTS

to feel at home and that their specific needs are met, whether related to mobility or sensory impairments, food intolerances or special needs


Phone and Whatsapp +39 378 086 5504 Phone +39 010 80 50 021

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