Our location


La Sosta della Tartaruga is located on Via Caffaro. This street was opened in the second half of the nineteenth century, along with Via Assarotti and Via Palestro, as part of the urbanization process of the scenic hill of Castelletto, behind Genoa’s Old Town.


Coming from Piazza Portello by car or on foot, you can’t miss it. About halfway up the street, you will spot an immense magnolia tree on your left seeking light among the buildings. There you will find La Tana della Tartaruga apartment at No. 12B and, a few meters on, Il Giardino della Tartaruga facility on the fourth floor of No. 14.

How to reach us

By train – Piazza Principe station: buses 34 and 35 going towards the “centro” (city center) stop directly in front of the train station. Get off at the “Portello/Interiano” stop and walk uphill for four minutes along Via Caffaro. Alternatively, for the hillside route, take bus 36 from Via Fanti d’Italia and get off at the stop “Paganini/Ponte Caffaro”. From here, go down to Via Caffaro using the steps or the elevator in the parking silo located at the intersection of Via Paganini and Via Acquarone Both routes take about 15 minutes.

By train – Brignole station: for the sea-facing route, there is a bus stop for buses 18, 39, and 40 in front of the train station, going towards the “centro” (city center). Get off at the stop “Portello/Caffaro” and walk uphill for four minutes along Via Caffaro (15 minutes in total). Alternatively, for the hillside route, take bus 36 from the same stop in front of the station, and get off at the stop “Paganini/Ponte Caffaro”. From here, go down to Via Caffaro using the steps or the elevator in the parking silo located at the intersection of Via Paganini and Via Acquarone (about 20 minutes in total).

On weekdays and Saturday mornings, you can also use the TaxiBus line I12. It’s a service that provides transportation by cab at the cost of a bus ticket, but you must reserve it. This service has a fixed timetable and ends in Piazza Verdi, opposite Brignole station. It also stops halfway down Via Caffaro, a short walk away from La Sosta della Tartaruga. Ask us about booking your ride!

By car: we recommend taking the freeway exit “Genova Ovest”. Then, take the “Aldo Moro” elevated road and take the exit that says “Centro”. Following Via XII Ottobre, go around Piazza Corvetto and enter the Galleria Nino Bixio tunnel. As you exit the tunnel, turn right at the first traffic light onto Via Caffaro. Alternatively, from the “Genova Ovest” exit, follow the signs for “Stazione Principe”; after a few minutes, you will reach the Di Negro interchange parking facility. To get to our property from here, it takes about 15 minutes by public transport (bus 18 direction “centro”).


By plane: from Cristoforo Colombo airport take the shuttle bus Volabus (tickets on AMT Volabus) to Principe or Brignole stations, then follow the instructions for arrival by train, or catch a cab.

We would also like to point out that a convenient eco-friendly Car Sharing Service, which uses electric cars that can move more freely around the city, is active in Genoa. Near to us they have various stations: Piazza Fontane Marose, Corso Paganini, Piazza Goffredo Villa and others. All information is on the website elettracarsharing.com.

Where to park

Our property has a single small private parking space suitable for bikes, motorbikes, and small cars. The entrance is very narrow because of the majestic magnolia tree. Usually this parking place is used by guests who reserve the apartment “La Tana della Tartaruga”

Via Caffaro and the surrounding area are mostly part of the Blue Area (zones G and F for residents), so parking during the day on weekdays is metered. Some free parking can be found under Ponte Caffaro bridge in the upper part of the street. We also have a parking pass for the Blue Area available for each room at a cost of €5 per day.

Alternatively, you can park for a fee in the downtown parking facilities (the closest are Caffaro Garage, very close by but open only during business hours; Minerva Park in Piazza Bandiera; and the Royal Park in Piazza Corvetto) or in the Di Negro interchange parking facility (about €6 euros per day, including a bus ticket). From our property, you can reach this parking facility in about 15 minutes by public transportation (bus 18 towards “centro”).

At F.A.Q. page you will find a list of major paid parking facilities, with a rough indication of daily costs (subject to change).

In any case, you can stop in front of our gate 12B to load/unload your luggage and drop people off.


Il Giardino della Tartaruga offers reception service only in the morning. We operate a self check-in.

After booking, you will receive an email to check in online with a special link and password. After we have reviewed the information and ID documents uploaded to the online check-in page, we will send you a second email containing the access code to the property. The access code is valid for your entire stay and allows you to open the door to the building, the apartment door, and the door to your room. Inside the room, you will also find a plastic key card for convenience. In any case, we must check your ID documents in person after entering the property, possibly the next morning at breakfast.

If you don’t upload your ID documents online, you can check in at the front desk if you arrive by 1:00 pm; otherwise, arrangements must be made for us to meet. If you arrive in the morning, the rooms may not be available yet. However, you can still check in and leave your luggage in a designated area until cleaning has been completed.

At the time of booking, you can report any issues with the automatic procedures and receive our phone numbers.