Special requirements


At La Sosta della Tartaruga, we believe in the concept of accessible tourism and try to satisfy all the special requirements of our guests, be they related to mobility, dietary or behavioral difficulties.

We are especially welcoming to families traveling with persons – children or adults – with cognitive disabilities. We like to think that these individuals and families can relax in an inclusive environment such as ours and that there can be an interesting exchange of shared experiences between staff and guests facing the same life challenges.

Il Giardino della Tartaruga B&B is partially equipped for people with mobility impairments, while full accessibility is guaranteed in the ground-floor apartment La Tana della Tartaruga. The only drawback, independent of us, is that the route is a bit uphill!

Inside the B&B, ramps have been fitted to allow access to the common area and one of the four rooms has an accessible bathroom for disabled persons with all the necessary modifications. We have not yet been able to overcome all accessibility barriers for the B&B. From the elevator landing, there is still a small flight of stairs currently without a stair lift. Not how we would like it to be… but we are working on it!!!!

On the other hand, the ground-floor apartment is located at street level and has no steps. It also offers space to move around with a wheelchair in all rooms and a bathroom equipped with two showers, one of which is flush with the floor. It’s a simple environment, curated down to the last detail according to the principles of Design for All: inclusive designs without compromising on aesthetics.

Celiac disease


Another very important issue for us is food intolerances, in particular celiac disease. To allow people with celiac disease to enjoy their vacation with peace of mind, we dived into the world of gluten-free food and decided to provide our guests with a gluten-free breakfast identical to the one we offer with gluten.

Celiac disease is not an allergy but a severe food intolerance, so the sufferer must completely abstain from gluten, even in the minute amounts that can result from cross-contamination during production or preparation. So, we chose to rely on the experience of the Italian Celiac Association (AIC) and took the relevant training courses. All our staff, including disabled staff, are fully trained. Some of those who work with us live with celiac disease themselves, as it’s a particularly common disease in people with Down syndrome – they’re the most knowledgeable of all!

La Sosta della Tartaruga is part of the AFC (Programma Alimentazione Fuori Casa) network, dedicated to eating out with celiac disease, and is on the official list of establishments endorsed by the AIC.

For the safety of our guests with celiac disease, their food is served on green-colored tableware, which is easy to distinguish from the regular white ones. The menu is also printed on green paper, and green napkins and glasses are used as place cards, to leave no room for error. Of course, we ask guests with celiac disease or allergies to notify us of their condition as soon as possible, ideally during check-in.