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La Tana della Tartaruga

The property


La Sosta della Tartaruga is a hospitality project with two different accommodation options designed to meet the diverse needs of our guests.

Il Giardino is located on the fourth floor and offers four rooms (one with a fully equipped kitchen), a large common area, and the beautiful roof garden it’s named after. It includes reception service, daily room cleaning, and breakfast.

The apartment has just been renovated preserving the original style of its era by refurbishing the marble chip and parquet floors, the frescoes and stucco on the ceilings, and some furnishings that have survived the test of time. These period details are combined with modern facilities and technology to create a sophisticated and comfortable environment.

La Tana is on the ground floor of the same building and is an independent apartment for a vacation or short rental, designed to accommodate families or small groups who want their own space. Also completely renovated, it features very sleek and modern decor complete with everything you need to independently manage every moment of the day from breakfast to dinner.

Daily room cleaning service is not provided. This accommodation option is fully accessibility to people with mobility disabilities as the apartment is located on the ground floor and you can stop with your car in front of the gate. The door is on the same level as the courtyard, and the bathroom is wheelchair accessible and has all the necessary modifications.

Check in

The front desk is available from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm, but you can access the property at any time thanks to the convenient automated system by using an access code or key card.


You can stop to unload your luggage in front of our gate in Via Caffaro 12b.